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Time for voting!
Team 1: Sand Immunity Spam by Aurist :dugtrio::hippopotas::sudowoodo::lumineon::gogoat::raichu:

Team 2: Golduck rain by TONE :golduck: :beartic: :electrode: :perrserker: :rotom-fan: :murkrow:

Team 3: its just the snow by AstilCodex :beartic: :snover: :hattrem: :glaceon: :gabite: :lumineon:

Team 4: Golduck sun by LettuceLeaf07 :golduck::rotom-fan::lilligant::scovillain::perrserker::skuntank:

Team 5: Sunny Rain by Theblobfishman9 :pyroar::charizard::golduck::beartic::raichu::rotom-fan:

Team 6: Rain by MYSWEEPERISSHUCKLE :golduck::basculin::electrode::glimmet::misdreavus::foongus:

Team 7: MasqueHail by UberSkitty :snover::masquerain::beartic::frogadier::gabite::skuntank:

To vote, please post with the three teams that you think should win. For example, if I thought that Team 735, Team 90 and Team 129 were the best, I would post this:

Team 735, Team 90, Team 129

Voting ends on Midnight the 28th -4!!!! Good luck!!


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time for the results!
With a grand total of 5 votes we have a winner! congrats to Theblobfishman9 and his creative sun and rain team! :pyroar::charizard::golduck::beartic::raichu::rotom-fan: Everyone had amazing teams!

APOLOGIES!!! IT TURNS OUT I MISCOUNTED SO HARD and there is actually a 4 way tie with Team 1 2 5 and 7! So congrats to Aurist TONE Theblobfishman9 and UberSkitty FOR ALL TYING!!! Everyone had amazing teams!!!

So this week, we will be taking a break as home drops happen tomorrow. We will see you next week in the post home meta with another prompt!
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Taps Mic
Is this thing on?
Welcome back to the SV PU teambuilding contest! I hope you enjoyed your week break!
This week we will be making Terrain Teams, as we have 3 setters now!

You will have until June 11th, 11:59pm -4 to build teams! Good luck and have fun building!!!! :)
Meditite Psychic Terrain (offense? bulky offense? idk)
:sv/Indeedee-f: :sv/meditite: :sv/gabite: :sv/crabominable: :sv/raichu: :sv/hattrem:

After making teams with every terrain, I felt like Psychic Terrain gave the best results. When thinking of Pokémon that would benefit from a lack of priority, I thought of my favorite Pokémon to use in the tier- Meditite. With scarf and terrain blocking Sucker Punch, the only notable mon that outspeeds Meditite is Dugtrio, so I responded by employing the Ostrich Algorithm to make Dugtrio not a problem. With the team, you usually lead either Hat/Gabite, pivot into offensive threats, preserve Indeedee to block priority (or sack it early and get swept by Zangoose- your choice), and sweep late game with Meditite/Raichu, who are the fastest things around without Priority.

:indeedee-f: Obligatory Psychic Terrain setter. Blocks priority from Zangoose, Honchkrow, and Basculin. With a choice scarf (and Tera Fairy for the krow), those mons are outsped and hit very hard. (read: killed probably but I didn't run calcs)

:meditite: Late game sweeper who someone should nom onto the VR when I have free time. Very strong CC in a tier that, barring ghosts and maybe Zard, does not run fighting resists. If you are in a good enough position, Meditite can clean against a fairly healthy team. Psychic terrain helps as mentioned earlier with priority, but it also boosts Zen Headbutt if you ever want to click that.

:Gabite: Rock setter and phazer. Tera rock + Stone edge is because I copied this from a team where I really needed a Zard check. I find that Gabite usually dies as a lead, but if you are afraid of a Zard it can technically be used defensively.

:CrAbOMinAblE: I wanted to have an Ice-type for Dugtrio, and something to resist a stone edge from Lycanroc. That's where Tera Steel Crab comes in, as you gain a rock and flying resist, the former of which helps against Lycan and Dug to an extent, and the latter of which I have found incredibly useful in the past. Tera ground could work, especially if you need a ground type that you don't kill as your lead.

:RaIChU: Fast. Checks Zard. Electric Immunity for opposing Raichu, and Electrode if you need. Focus Blast is a terrible move but very important, as fighting coverage hits so much in this tier. Tera fighting TB is not really an option here, as I found that this team needs the tera on Indeedee and Crab more.

:Hattrem: The last mon. I used Hatt when I tried Misty Terrain and decided to run it on this team, and the combo of Mbounce and Hwish offers much needed support to this team. Hatt can usually switch into something, take a hit, and Hwish to heal up something you actually need.
If you looked up 'Ostrich Algorithm' or know what it means, you probably realized this team still has a Dugtrio issue. Crabominable, Indeedee, and Hattrem are your best bets against it, but they're just checks, and Indeedee needs to check 100 other things with this team. I tend to struggle against Scarf Lycan and sometimes Zard with every team I build, so you may want to play around those carefully.

I drained my desire to teambuild and play by starting with Grassy Terrain and Electric Terrain, which did NOT work, and are why I didn't get actually good replays. So, here are 2 moderately acceptable replays:
vs Deferio in a roomtour (Even though I play terribly, you can see the importance of Indeedee in a matchup such as this one when I lose to Quick Attack BDrum Zangoose. It sort of serves as a proof-of-concept, where the team has the tools to easily win but the player does not)
One where I don't lose, here just to boost my self-esteem and prove I am capable of winning battles (that's a joke, but I'm having trouble connecting to the replays so I can't pinpoint where the team shines outside of winning. IIRC, it showcases each mon's role well enough)

Also, someone better try Misty Terrain.
Also, someone better try Misty Terrain.
Ask and you shall receive I guess
Misty terrain bulky offense
(I think this can be considered bulky offense anyway)

Misty terrain worked better than I was expecting tbh, better than electric terrain at least which is the other one I tried building. Status immunity is really nice to have against stuff like misdreavus and charizard and tinkatuff and Qwillfish-H and any other mon carrying status. Because of this status immunity you can set up with bulky set up sweepers like gogoat much easier which is nice, and being immune to liligant sleep powder is nice for making the game less frustrating. The downside is that you have to set it manually which sucks so you're probably not gonna have it up constantly, you just set it up whenever you're in the best position to bring one of your bulky set up mons in and go for game.

:Dachsbun: I needed something to set misty terrain and daschbun is the "best" at that I think. I'm not super big on it but its kinda nice for wish passing at least, which helps keep stuff like gabite and Qwillfish in the game longer. Terrain extender gives you more turns to abuse misty terrain, lack of boots does suck but I think you do want those extra turns.
:Gogoat: The surprise hit of this team. Misty seed gogoat makes super good use of misty terrain since it can just come in on literally any special attacker and set up on them under misty terrain since you don't fear burns from misdreavus and charizard anymore which is actually huge. Other than that its bulk up gogoat, it does bulk up gogoat things and its pretty good.
:Charizard: I needed another special attacker other than Rotom-F and charizard is pretty good. Not really anything special its just a strong breaker who can remove steels for gogoat.
:Rotom-Frost: Strong offensive pivot and special attacker. Rotom frost can come in, scare stuff out, and either volt switch out or grab a nasty plot boost and potentially sweep if faster threats are out of the way, or at least severely hurt something.
:Qwilfish-Hisui: Qwilfish-H can deny hazards with taunt, removes T spikes which are otherwise really annoying since no boots on daschbun, come in on scary physical attackers and potentially be a second misty terrain abuser setting up with swords dance (Although I almost always just ended up with gogoat sweeping). Good mon.
:Gabite: I got to slot six and didn't have rocks yet and gabite is pretty good. Impressive stuff I know.

Generally the gameplan with this team is to just pivot around with rotom frost into your other threats and try to put yourself in the best position to set up misty terrain with daschbun and set up with either gogoat or qwillfish and then just sweep from there. I usually lead gabite but qwilfish is also an option for a more offensive lead who can keep hazards off against certian leads if you deem that more valuable.

Dugtrio can be annoying to deal with since everything is slower than it, gabite is probably your best answer to it but its kinda easy to wear down if you aren't constantly wish passing to it. Basculin is also rather annoying to deal with since you lack a reliable switch in to it but once you know the set Qwilfish-H can switch into scarf variants or kinda rock head variants and zard can revenge kill band or specs variants (Just don't miss the hurricane idiot).
This is the teams terrain setter, I went with a bulkier version so that I could set up terrain on multiple occasions. Also the speed IVs are for the slower uturn.
I just took the idea of bulk up crab and replaced its boots with grassy seed to give it immediate help to its defenses without even needing a turn for a bulk up. Hypercutter is to deal with intimidate mons and Tera water is for zard(after thinking about this ele might be better.
There were probably better acrobatics mons to pick but I like crow and I really like the move sucker punch. It hits hard and can really break through an opponents team once it gains momentum.
The only good(this is a questionable statement) hazard remover in the tier.
Originally I wanted to try a trailblaze and grassy seed set but that sucked so I switched to scarf to give the team some rock coverage.
Standard rain dance set, this is here because this mon is just fantastic and it was easy to just slap on the team.



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Sliggoo G-Terrain
No I didn't just build this team because I wanted an excuse to use Hisuian Sliggoo I promise.​
Grassy Terrain is an interesting concept this gen considering we don't have any good Unburden mons and most Grass-types are held in check by one of the more common mons in Gogoat so I mainly focused on Pokemon that benefitted more from the healing of Grassy Terrain and ability to halve Earthquake's power. Thwackey losing Grassy Glide definitely lowered its usefulness quite a bit but overall it still does mostly the same things, set up terrain, support with Knock and U-turn and maybe throw out a Wood Hammer if the time is right. Sliggoo-H was my next pick. I've been talking this thing up for a really long time and I haven't built anything since HOME released so I figured I'd use it. It has insane special bulk with full investment and Shell Armor allows it to set up defensively without threat of being crit like many other setup mons. This thing gets really hard to KO after a few boosts, and benefits from Grassy Terrain's passive healing and nerfing the power of opposing Earthquakes from the likes of Dugtrio and Gabite. Camerupt acts as the Stealth Rock setter on this team, also benefitting from the nerfing of Earthquake, it takes advantage of Pokemon like Charizard, Houndoom, Perrserker, and the Rotom formes that the former two Pokemon struggle with. Stone Edge over Rock Slide because you need the power to OHKO Zard and the Speed investment is for 0 Speed Crabominable. Mystic Water Basculin next. Really strong mon, completes the FWG core, and the healing of Grassy Terrain allows it to click Wave Crash just a few more times than it would usually be able to and not worry as much about dying to recoil. Falinks acts as more offensive setup sweeper, and since it isn't able to switch out, it really likes that recovery from Terrain. Can clean late game a lot of the time. Finally, Scarf Skuntank acts as an emergency check to faster Pokemon, can revenge several weaker things like Dugtrio, Raichu, and Electrode. Toxic Spikes and Memento help support the Sliggoo sweep as poison can negate the opponent's healing from Grassy Terrain while Sliggoo still gets it and Memento plays really well into Sliggoo's Shell Armor, letting it get at least one Curse off without risk of being overpowered on that turn.

Hope you enjoy this fun team! Here's a bonus team I made around Grassy Terrain+Perrserker (but I think Hisuian Sliggoo was more fun)


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Late again but hi guys! Time to vote.
Team 1: Meditite Physic Terrain by LettuceLeaf07 :Indeedee-f::meditite::gabite::crabominable::raichu::hattrem:

Team 2: Misty Terrain Bulky Offense by Morge :Dachsbun::Gogoat::Charizard::Rotom-Frost::Qwilfish-Hisui::Gabite:

Team 3: Crabgrass by Theblobfishman9 :thwackey::crabominable::honchkrow::dartrix::lycanroc-midnight::golduck:

Team 4: Sliggo G-Terrain by SergioRules :thwackey::sliggoo-hisui::camerupt::basculin::falinks::skuntank:

To vote, please post with the three teams that you think should win. For example, if I thought that Team 735, Team 90 and Team 129 were the best, I would post this:

Team 735, Team 90, Team 129

Voting ends on Midnight the 12th -4!!!! Good luck!!
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Its been a moment hasnt it?
yeah... i kinda forgot about this.
Team 1: Meditite Physic Terrain by LettuceLeaf07 :Indeedee-f::meditite::gabite::crabominable::raichu::hattrem:
Team 3: Crabgrass by Theblobfishman9 :thwackey::crabominable::honchkrow::dartrix::lycanroc-midnight::golduck:
Team 4: Sliggo G-Terrain by SergioRules :thwackey::sliggoo-hisui::camerupt::basculin::falinks::skuntank:
all tied with 4 votes each!!! Congrats!

To keep ties from happening
If Less then 5 Teams are Submitted, you may only vote for 2 teams
If less than 3 Teams are submitted, you may only vote for 1 team.

Now for week 5 lets try something different.
Build a full monotype team.
I know the idea sounds crazy, but thats the point! Build something creative and from your wildest imaginations.
Teams are due Sunday June 2th, 11:59pm -4. Good luck and have fun building!!
Mono Normal

This feels borderline impossible with most types so I had to go for boring normal type. Pyroar is the star, pressuring bulky builds by being a Pyroar and trying to lure Rock types like Lycan with tera ground (and yes Hyper Voice and Tera Blast on the same set was on purpose). Sawsbuck brings some key resistances and gives me a late game option that can take games. I opted for Sap Sipper tera water over Serene Grace just to give some defensive help in a pinch. Dunsparce is the blob that sort of holds this structure together, throwing out paras so that the three breakers can threaten harder. Indeedee is an incredible glue scarfer that can revenge kill a lot and provide a big Healing Wish to set up endgames. Rufflet was needed to not lose to Toxic Spikes and it's a decent enough Defogger when it needs to be. U-turn mons are also always nice to have, especially for the next mon Zangoose. Zangoose breaks holes in pretty much everything and is the main recipient of Healing Wishes, usually taking two or three mons a game with it.

This team is not perfect and Rufflet is a bad mon but it's certainly functional which for how limiting this challenge was, I'm pretty happy with :)


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Mono Dark
We are fortunate enough to have some super sick dark-types in this tier, so I chose them for my monotype team. The choices weren't very difficult until coming down to the last slot. I really liked Houndoom and Skuntank as special breakers. Skuntank is usually expected to be physical and can be walled by steel-types like Perrserker or anything that runs tera Steel, so running special with Fire Blast is a nice surprise. I chose Sludge Bomb on Houndoom over Taunt because I didn't want it to be walled by Dachsbun. Honchkrow can be a menacing physical presence, EVs are to outspeed adamant Gabite. Tera Blast can be opted over Night Slash, but I've preferred using defensive teras to help get past Pokemon that can be an issue for this team like Dugtrio, Falinks, etc. Qwilfish is a more defensive set with Spikes and Taunt to stop opposing hazards. Zweilous pairs well with it because of its Roar, Resttalk set that can wall a lot of our special attackers. For the last spot, I chose Krokorok. The team felt too weak to Dugtrio and the idea of an extra Intimidate + Rocks sounded really nice. Also, it can help block Volt Switches if predicted correctly. I have some replays down below to show that the team is actually well thought out and not some garbage I threw together.

Mono Water Offense
:lumineon: :frogadier: :mareanie: :golduck: :basculin-blue-striped: :quaxwell:

After much trial and error, I have finally conjured a team that doesn't invite me to decide that Floette and Growlithe-H are viable and required. Water-type attackers are insane in PU, with Golduck being my favorite way to apply early game pressure and Basculin requiring a check on every team. Frogadier and Lumineon serve as pivots and extra utility, and Mareanie and Quaxwell serve as the closest thing to a defensive backbone you can get with one type.

The team leans offensive since you can't really rely on your defensive backbone to safely switch into something that's pressuring your offensive mons. However, Mareanie is a decent enough Gogoat check, Lumineon can tera ground in front of a Raichu (or Electrode), set up rain, and ice beam or uturn out, and nothing can save you from a sub NP Rotom-F. Aside from those threats, this team is incredibly difficult to stop.

:Lumineon: Lumineon is a fast defensive pivot and is useful against electric types like Raichu and Electrode with Tera Ground and Encore. It can also set rain dance to help Golduck, Frogadier, and Basculin break through walls.

:Frogadier: Scarf Frogadier is this team's speed control outside of rain. Surf and Blizzard are ran here as coverage and because I wanted to ensure I had a 30% chance of my dreams being ruined, but Ice Beam is good too. Spikes are there for if you want to pretend you aren't scarf turn 1, and U-turn is cool. Tera Ground is ran in case you are the last mon on a team and can't OHKO something that's gonna OHKO you otherwise.

:Mareanie: Mareanie is water-type Skuntank for this team, basically. It's three jobs are to cripple Gogoat, manage Tspikes, and to soak a hit or two instead of an offensive mon. I didn't run into any hazard teams while testing, surprisingly, so I never tested how good it is at removing tspikes.

:Golduck: Golduck is your rain sweeper. I love this set because absolutely nothing can touch it while it KOs everything in rain. EVs are to outspeed +1 Houndoom in rain. Grass is the tera type in case you need to set rain in front of an electric or grass type.

:basculin-blue-striped: Your nuke button. Rock head is ran over Adapt because I found Head Smash really useful and recoil not useful, and Rain and Tera can be used on Basc if you need more damage.

:Quaxwell: Since this team can legally run hazard removal, I put it here. Quaxwell is SpDef to balance with Mareanie's Phys Def. Tera steel is here because I like to pretend it'll help with Sub NP Rotom-Frost. Again, didn't run into too many hazards here.

Replay that shows the power of 2.5 nuke buttons

And yes, I did try fairy, but Wigglytuff being a requirement was the reason I didn't submit it.

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